About the Park

The City of Buckeye’s Skyline Regional Park is an 8,700 acre mountain preserve located in the southern White Tank Mountains. The park’s convenient access from I-10 – two miles north of the Watson Road/I-10 interchange – makes it immediately available to the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

Its central location within Buckeye makes it a local point of pride and a central focus of Buckeye’s recreational and economic development efforts. The park features miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians, picnic areas and camping. Entry to the park is free.


In 2002, the City of Buckeye submitted a Recreation & Public Purposes lease application to the Bureau of Land Management for 8,675-acres of land in the southern White Tank Mountains. In 2010, the City and Bureau of Land Management signed a 25-year, no-cost lease agreement that allows the City of Buckeye to use the land as a regional park and preserve.

As part of the lease agreement, the City conducted an Environmental Assessment and Plan of Development on the property that analyzed the proposed uses and improvements that would be constructed during the course of the lease and the impacts those improvements would have to the resources in the park. In 2012, with a Council-appointed project advisory committee, the City of Buckeye developed a master plan, which refined the concepts included in the Environmental Assessment.

The EA and the Master Plan provided the blueprint for the constructed Phase I improvements, which include the extension of Watson Road north to the park entrance, interior park roadways, parking areas, trailhead facilities, picnic areas, camping sites and support facilities such as a restroom and a pedestrian bridge to provide access to trails on the other side of the wash. A Trails Plan was also developed for the park in 2015.

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